The Company has three processing plants, two in the Central Region of Chile and one in Arica, on the northern border with Peru. It has IQF fast-frozen tunnels, which allows the meat to freeze faster, and therefore a better quality of the meat when thawing. It also operates a cooking and smoking plant for ready to consume whole turkeys and turkey or chicken cuts. The plants have HACCP Certification, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, and in the case of one of the plants in the central zone, BRC Certification in High Level and ISO 22,000


In this country there is a commercial office, which allows to optimally meet the needs of customers, including several supermarket chains, distributors, catering companies, airlines, restaurants and meat processors.

European Union

Ariztía mainly serves the food service channel, and to a lesser extent, industrial users. Through Ariztía Europa, SL, it is possible to deliver the products to customers in “customs-cleared delivered” condition.


Ariztía preferably serves customers of the supermarkets and food service through Ariztía USA, Inc., it is also possible to deliver the products in “customs-cleared delivered” condition.