“The progress of the community where we live is our responsibility. We must cooperate in their spiritual and material development through the practice and promotion of Christian and ethical values, supporting initiatives of public good and being generous with charity work, especially those that encourage the perfection of individuals.”


One of the most outstanding programs is the “Prize for Parents of the Best Students”, which originated inside the company to recognize Ariztía’s collaborators whose children obtained outstanding grades in basic, secondary and superior education. Due to the success of the project, since 2003, it was extended to public workers from the following municipalities and entities: San Antonio, Melipilla, El Monte and Arica; Melipilla Hospital, Hogar San Jose de Melipilla (dependent on “Las Rosas” Foundation), Health Area of the Melipilla Municipal Corporation and volunteers from the Melipilla and Arica Fire Departments. Within the areas we support are: Education and Sports.