Food Storage Security

  • Look for a suitable stowage in cold chambers, refrigerators and freezers.
  • Provide appropriate cooling conditions for cold chambers, refrigerators and freezers, required for product preservation.
  • Keep the cool chain (cooling or freezing), to avoid microbial proliferation.
  • Make sure to have a correct cooking process (the food must be fully cooked prior to consumption).
  • If food is prepared well in advance of consumption, watch for suitable storage (refrigeration, for example).
  • If food is reheated, it must provide sufficient temperature to destroy pathogenic bacteria.
  • Comply with hygienic standards in handling to avoid transmission of pathogenic germs by carrier handler.
  • Avoid cross-contamination during food preparation (cooked product / raw product).
Follow the instructions for storage, preparation and expiration date indicated on the labels of the containers, for example:

  • Refrigerated product: “keep refrigerated between -2 and +2 ° C”.
  • Frozen product: “keep frozen at -18 ° C”
  • In refrigerated and frozen products: “to consume fully cooked”
  • In frozen products: “after thawing the product, do not refreeze”.
  • In all products: “Expiration date: ______”.